iRoot Download – How to root without PC?

We are back with another amazing Android rooting solution for those who love to perform new challenges. It is iRoot download for mobile which comes as a little and a well-designed Android application. We guided you through its Windows-only method and this is for those fellows who would love to perform rooting without a PC. However, iRoot is an offer of famed XDA member Mgyun a couple of years ago as the personalized version of long-established Vroot. And now after a couple of years, users capable to go from side to side its latest version 3.2.4 openly on their devices.

iroot download

iRoot download without a PC

Because of the Apk method that iRoot fetch you, you do not have to be bothered to compile a Windows computer as we do with the PC approach. So you can easily bring there the Smartphone and set up a certain app and get ready to root. Because of the single-click support, it will not waste your money or complex you. Click here for more info.

By the way, iRoot apk download can is a freeware which you do not have to spend your money. Once enter, you can unroot the system as well whenever you feel to give up on root status. And it capable to deal over thousands of device models in the market including Samsung, Oppo, LG, Sony, Huawei and so on.

How to root with iRoot?


Charge the Smartphone or the Tablet up to 100%

Navigate to Settings panel and facilitate Unknown sources

Download the latest version of iRoot apk

The step guide

root download

Install iRoot app and launch it right away

Click the “Get root access” button at the bottom of the interface

It will take few minutes. So you have to keep the device away without operate it for any reason

When a long reboot will happen, it means the process finishes

That’s it!

Important: If you are doubt about root status that gone through, root checker app is there in the Google Play Store that capable to apply on any device and confirm if root or non-root.

Final words

Finally, we want you to remind how astonishing your odd device will turn into rooted to reach all root-only features and tweaks there. You can flash custom ROMs and kernels, enhance possibilities of the handset, take care of the battery power, remove useless stock apps, clean the system, nandroid backups and further are there.  If you need further about iRoot download Windows based method, go through our previous posts.